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These pages are dedicated to the indian nation 'Xukuru de Ororubá'.

The members of this tribe in north-eastern Brasil fight for their right
to own and use their own (!) land.

Although the indians received a 'reservation', most of the land area
stays being illegally occupied by non-indian people with the intension
to receive public indemnisations for their leave. While indians hunger,
they leave 'their' land unused and contract armed men to avoid

Aside from telling the life, struggle and murder of the chief Francisco
de Assis Araújo
'Chicão' (see image) these pages describe the general
situation of the Xukuru, and give you a look into their day-by-day-life,
showing a deep respect for nature and man.

The portuguese version of these pages hold the entire book, written
to alert the public about the murder and the fight for justice.

You are invited to support our projects, that aim to better the
economic and social situation of the Xukuru.

Qustions, that are not answered here, can be directed to the
authers. You find our contact addresses on the 'Help!'-page.

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